On Nov 29 2021 / by Lance Mitchell
Bookings - Deposits & Refunds
On Aug 11 2021 / by Lance
Why buy your gear online

Best places to buy gear online

On Jan 06 2021 / by Sally
Our 2020 in review....

We're looking forward to what the future holds

On Sep 03 2020 / by Lance
The year that never happened!

Well, we never saw that coming

On May 16 2020 / by Lance
Ridetitude interview

Learn a bit about Openroad Tours in our interview with Pablo from Ridetitude

On May 15 2020 / by Lance
Bookings Now Open

Ready to get out for a ride - all tours are open for bookings

On May 12 2020 / by Lance

Lance's birthday bash

On Apr 16 2020 / by Lance
Open Road Tours COVID-19 Update


On Mar 09 2020 / by Lance
Winter Touring With Open Road

Ride the seasons in the North Island

On Jan 13 2020 / by Lance
Back safe & with news from Tibet
On Dec 03 2019 / by Lance
Ride to Mount Everest

Ride To Mount Everset with Open Road Tours & Plateau Travel