On Aug 11 2021 / by Lance

Why buy your gear online

Pros & cons

Have you had problems finding good bike gear in stock, we certainly have, seems to be a lack of choice down here in New Zealand at the moment. Recently I went off on a search online when we had difficulty finding some new gear that was A- Good gear, B - in stock, C - at a price that didn’t break the bank or seem excessive. Don’t get me wrong, I like wearing good M/C gear that works & looks good, it just feels some of the top-shelf items are way overpriced, maybe the manufacturers & retailers are pandering to our egos, does price = quality, maybe, or they are just taking us for a ride.

Don’t know the answer to that one, however, I do know that if you’ve got the time to wait for the shipping delays, which can be a bit extended at the moment due to COVID you can save a heap of money, and I do mean heaps. I recently purchased a new jacket, online that had a retail price of NZ$ 1,100 I paid just $ 810 plus a bit for shipping. I Even found one supplier that will ship for free if you spend over NZ $500. These online shops have a huge range, great prices and occasionally run specials & sales saving even more.

I recommend you do check your local regulations as they may not be as straightforward as they are here in New Zealand & Australia, where if we keep the total spend – including shipping - under a grand there’s no tax to pay.

Due to the travel restrictions, we have in New Zealand at the moment and consequently, the lack of riders & income from overseas, we have been looking for ways to stay connected and hopefully produce a small income.

It's been a hard time for companies in travel & tourism, and we could do with all the help we can get, thanks for your understanding & support.

Disclosure - We earn a small commission from sales made using the links below,

In these strange times we are having to deal with at the moment we are trying to make something of our business & looking for ways to partner with other related companies around the globe, if you think you can partner with us send us an email and say Hi we'd love to hear from you.


CHROMEBURNER Excellent product range and choice, prices seem as good as I can find anywhere else online. They have 2 very good other reasons to shop with them, they will ship for free if you spend over $500nz, not hard to do with their product choice, don’t forget to keep the total including shipping under the magic $1,000 or you'll get charged tax. The second is if it's listed for sale, it's in stock in the shop so no waiting for backorder

FC Moto Click on the name

These guys have an absolutely huge range of gear, and not just bike gear, it’s the biggest range I’ve seen anywhere. The prices are normally as good as any other website, although the delivery charge can mount up. The choice is so large they don’t always have everything onsite which sometimes can lead to delays, having said that they are pretty good at letting you know if that happens.