On May 12 2020 / by Lance


My Birthday Bash


With better things to celebrate than just my birthday, come and join us on this ride up the winterless north to the Cape. Its time brush aside some of the negative vibes and get out and enjoy things again.

Let's enjoy the wonderful country we live in, we are the envy of people all around the world. Not just for keeping that evil little germ at bay, but also for the great roads we ride, amazing scenery we have. And with a team that worked together so hard. Lets hope we can keep saying those famous words of a famous Kiwi icon ‘we knocked the bastard off’

Going up the East Coast and back down the west this our first ride out since lockdown so I'm sure were all going to remember this one for a long time to comee.

Ride in style, have a laugh, make some new mates, enjoying some freedom – why wouldn’t you.

We have priced this tour as low as we can go to make it as affordable as possible. Spaces are limited, so best let us know soon if you're interested.

As it also happens to coincide with my birthday first round at the bar is on me!

Lastly, if you're a fan of good old Kiwi humour check this out, think it says how it is.

If it dosent play cut and paste it - its worth it

Keep safe