On Apr 16 2020 / by Lance

Open Road Tours COVID-19 Update


Hi all hope you're all keeping safe, below is the latest we have on COVID-19 & how it affects our tours.

Due to the difficult times we currently all find ourselves in we have put a hold on actual tours until we know when we can move freely.

However, we can take forward bookings. Like probably all our friends, colleagues, & suppliers in the travel & tourism industry we had to think hard about what we do and how we operate.

In our first response, we have designed some new shorter tours aimed specifically at our homegrown New Zealand market. These are shorter highlight tours, we've nicknamed them our ‘Road Trip Series’ still offering some amazing rides, just shorter. We have also made some adjustments to the accommodation we stay at. We are still making sure this is all as uniquely Kiwi as we can. No soleless highway motels just good accommodation with Kiwi vibes, good meals, great rides with a laugh & new mates along the way.

The reason for designing these tours is we either can't, or maybe even want to travel overseas for a while yet. So let's make the most of this unusual time to explore our own backyard, it’s really is a great place to be in & we often forget how lucky we are.

We have tried very hard to keep them as affordable as we can, so while we all do it tough, we can do it together.

We don’t know yet when the restrictions will let us move freely enough to start this new set of tours. When we do have a date we will start running them asap, & for as long as needed.

The next big news. For all forward bookings made for this year & for next - 2021, on all our tours, including the big ones, we are offering an incredible 21% discount on the listed price. All tours, all dates, we are also reducing the deposit needed to reserve a bike to just -nz$250 – this is fully refundable, no questions, no restrictions so no risk, you can book with confidence.

This crazy offer will be applicable to all our tours, its for a limited time, so why not take advantage now.

Contact us for more details [email protected]

Lance 027 682 5265