On Mar 09 2020 / by Lance

Winter Touring With Open Road

Tour New Zealand all year round

Currently our we are in the planning stage on our winter tours, & thought you might like to know why, unlike the South Island, we can offer tours all the year-round.

The North Island of New Zealand is known for its warm subtropical climate, especially in the Northern end of the North Island which is often referred to as the winterless north. While being a relatively narrow island nation we are never very far from the coast which also helps to moderate the temperatures. Extreme cold & snowfall is mainly experienced in NZ at higher altitudes up in the mountains or far inland from the sea. We call this part the central plateau, its one of the locations some of the the Lord Of The Rings films were shot – ‘ Mout Doom’ might look familiar!

The South Island experiences a far larger variance in temperature than up here in the north. Down south it can be a few degrees hotter in summer, but it also gets a lot colder in winter, it gets well below freezing in winter. Our customers are usually experienced riders who would have ridden in far greater extremes in climate than anything the North can throw at them. The off-peak season months up here can offer some fantastic rewarding rides, less traffic, less people, clear crisp days. Yes it can rain but not all the time.

As north island specialists Open Road Tours can plan a ride for any time of the year, even during the winter months of June, July, August we still ride, just not everywhere!

Spring - September, October, November

Spring & Autum are really good times to ride, could even be favourite, as its not to hot yet, we have had a really long hot summer this year. Yes it can rain at this time of year, but with todays modern good wet weather gear its not really a problem, just get on and ride. The trick is layers you can put on and take of as needed, also ride to the conditions.  

Summer – December, January, February

These are the hottest, this year (2020) has seen some records broken – with no rain for over 45 days, some days got up to the early 30’s c a unprecedented hot dry spell

Autum - March, April, May

Starting to cool down, but not cold yet. Some great riding to be had. Im from the Uk and worked in the courier industry in London, we would ride 12 months of the year, personally I dont think it ever gets really cold up here in the north.

Winter - June, July , August