On Sep 03 2020 / by Lance

The year that never happened!

So near yet so far

Time to face the hard truth – Although New Zealand continues to fair pretty well in its battle with the Coronavirus, we now know our borders will stay closed for some time to come. So we have taken the very sad decision to cancel all tours for the remainder of 2020. 😞

Like many businesses involved in international tourism, we are doing it tough but staying optimistic and planning ahead for a busy 2021, we know you want to come and thank everyone who has rescheduled rather than cancel – we are very grateful for the support you have all shown 👍🏼

We have been thinking – having a lot of time to think might have something to do with it -about our tours for 2021. We have put together our first Twin Island tour. This is not only a fantastic tour with some amazing highlights, but we have also designed it so you can ride the whole tour or just part of it. We have some points, where we are staying near destinations with an international airport where the bike can be dropped off and the client can fly onwards. This will give clients short of time the opportunity to join us for just part of these fantastic new tours.

In principle, the logistics are pretty simple, the execution might be a bit harder, we shall see. Things to consider are not just the bike transfer, but also any extra luggage, flights onwards and accommodation if you have to wait for a flight. We are very happy to help with any requests for help, we will just have to wait & see if it has any takers.

On that note we can move dates & tours around, need something different just ask, its not a problem.

To keep me in the ‘groove’ both mentally and physically, I have started the process of becoming a motorcycle riding instructor. This is going to be a bit different. I've already learnt a couple of interesting facts. Pretty much everyone involved in teaching the courses is - A, from the UK, - B, they all seem to be ex-police riders. Considering my background riding in the courier trade in London, learning how to ride to thrive & survive, it’s a real poacher turned gamekeeper scenario, should be an interesting learning curve, for all!

Be assured we are in this for the long haul - we just didn’t think it would be this long before we get you here – we will be ready when you can, and look forward to showing you our great little gem in the Pacific.

Bookings for 2021 are open, all deposits held in trust and fully refundable for any reason. As this COVID situation makes planning just that bit unpredictable we will do our bit to help.

Take care - stay safe & get ready to ride with us in 2021

Lance & Sally

Man walks into a bar and asks the bartender for 2 Corona’s & 1 long wait cocktail – bartender says well that’s 2020 for you!