On Jan 13 2020 / by Lance

Back safe & with news from Tibet

WOW What A Ride

Yep we survived our ride to the base camp of Mount Everest – what a ride, what charming people we meet, and mostly great meals we ate – sometimes it best not to ask and just get on with it!

It was, as expected, cold, very cold some days down to -15. However clear blue sky and no rain made for great rides along some pretty good roads, combined with incredible scenery it was something very special

Thanks to all the team at Tibet Easy Rider especially our guides Poppy & Tashi, lastly cheers to Justin @ Tibet Easy Rider for the invite.

It's now back to my day job, planning rides & prepping bikes for our clients, it’s a hard job but I can cope! Maybe you should join us New Zealand is a great country to ride with some pretty amazing to explore.