On Dec 04 2019 / by Lance

Ride to Mount Everest

News on the travels with Open Road Tours

From one of our worldwide partners, we have received an amazing opportunity to join them on a pre-season tour and ride with them to the base camp of Mount Everest

We are honoured to be invited joining a small number of riders from around the globe, this is going to be a fantastic journey and great chance to network with some interesting partners. I understand there will be representatives from tour companies, clothing manufacturers, journalists & more all from the motorcycle industry, this is going to be something special.

Talking about clothing, we must give a big shout out to Revit NZ & our favourite motorcycle parts and accessory store 'Motomail' for supporting us on this adventure with a full set of brand new REVIT gear for both Sally & myself.

They have set Sally up with a great looking set of Outback 2 kit, special ladies cut & I have been kitted up with their best adventure kit the Sand 3 range, thanks guys you really stepped up we are very grateful.

We fly out on Christmas day – what a present – due to the laws in China we won't be able to post on to Instagram & FB till we get back we, but we will asap.