At Open Road we carefully plan our range of guided tours to deliver what every motorcycle adventurer wants: a unique and truly unforgettable riding experience. You’ll explore the most beautiful and remote parts of New Zealand on our small group boutique tours and ride some of the most exciting roads in the world, often less-travelled routes that even the locals are unfamiliar with!

From the time we meet you at the airport, to the day you leave, we take care of all your arrangements so all you have to do is get here and ride. Imagine riding one of our classy Italian cruising maestros through the verdant New Zealand landscape by day, enjoying true Kiwi hospitality in your cosy hotel by night and indulging in delicious Pacific Rim cuisine and the finest beers & wines. It's a little touch of heaven right there.

We are strong advocates for rider safety and our aim is make sure that you have the best experience on our tours. In New Zealand we drive on the left-hand side of the road and often our roads are narrow & twisty. Its a good idea to brush up on our road rules & signs before your arrive. Check out the web sites below for helpful information on riding in NZ.