About Us

Hi, Lance and Sally here. We’ll be your personal guides on your Open Road Tour of New Zealand.

After having some fantastic riding experiences overseas, Sally and I decided to start Open Road Motorcycle Tours here in New Zealand. Those trips allowed us to meet some great people, experience outstanding scenery and enjoy great adventures on amazing roads. And they made us realise: we have all this and more to offer in New Zealand. So why not showcase it to the world? Once we understood this would involve riding all around this fabulous place, and buying more bikes, there was no stopping us!

Join us on tour, on the open roads of New Zealand. We know you’ll love it, and we’ll do everything we can to make it the experience of a lifetime. We hope to meet you soon.

The Mitchells

Mad on motorcycles

Motorbikes have had a big influence on Lance, personally and professionally. He got his first bike the day he turned sixteen, then ended up riding for a living. His first job was as a motorcycle courier in Central London. Ultimately, he established and ran his own motorcycle courier company. A lot of miles, experience and advanced training have made Lance a competent, professional rider. His focus is on ensuring fun and safety mix perfectly on tour.

Tourism expertise

Sally’s background includes working in the tourism sector, planning and booking guided tours. Arranging the accommodation and logistics of Open Road tours is something Sally has taken real pride in. Her attention to detail is meticulous, and her aim is to make your experience flawless. She also loves getting out of the office, riding the tours as designated photographer or, on the larger tours, as back up driver.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a truly great place for an adventurous holiday. Open Road’s aim is to show you the real New Zealand, away from the tourist hot spots. Having spent years scouting the best roads, each tour itinerary is built on travelling lesser-known, lighter-used back roads that offer the maximum fun-per-kilometre. You can also expect accommodation that, while supremely comfortable, also offers a distinctly Kiwi, characterful experience.